Build & Expand Your Business

Build and Expand your Healing Business

Duration:  12 week online course, class meets every 2 weeks; homework and email assistance

in between.

Niche Clarity:  Creating reputation and a flow of clientele and revenue to support your business by focusing on a particular group of people that need help. Where the healer’s passion, personal experience and a viable market intersect so they have a true interest, experience from healing themselves or someone in their world and offering their services to people who can and will pay (later when your business is full and going strong you can expand into areas to help people who don’t have the resources, but for now the healer needs to focus on getting a strong base to first pay their own bills and be able to create a solid foundation). This step is very important and usually takes a few weeks for healers to clarify; we will do a number of

exercises to define the niche (Mission Statement, Life PHD, Potential Client Interview, What You Love)

Divine Right Client:  Finding, meeting and enrolling your clients. 


Free talk: creating a free talk really gets you into your community and in front of the people who need you. It gives you a chance to show them what ThetaHealing is about by demonstrating instead of just talking to them and telling them, without them having to invest yet. It narrows down the group to the clients that are really interested in your skills and experience. The free talk has a particular format that I will share so the healer doesn’t spend time researching what works. We also work on how to find the right place, host and how to set up a talk. I begin all classes with the ThetaHealing meditation and we do regular work around identifying group consciousness and personal limiting beliefs about money,expansion, being a healer, credibility etc. If I have all ThetaHealers I will have them pair up to dig or dig on their own and if there are healers of other modalities I adjust for that.

Seminar Includes: Online meeting every 2 weeks; homework and email assistance in between.

Prerequisites:  None


Currently I have 2 packages on offer for students (all funds U.S.D.):

Group: $297/month for the 3 months ($891)

Group with 3 private sessions with me: $394/month for 3 months ($1182)

Some of my students go on to an advanced version of this course and some take the whole 12 weeks privately.

Valerie Couture (Victoria, B.C)

As the owner of an energy healing business, I was finding it difficult to build my business and figuring out how to find the right clients that needed my services.  That was then, now, with the Build Course by Sam Shields, I am on my way. With Sam’s 12 week course, I was guided step by step on how to figure out what my market was and where to find it. We were shown how to determine our mission statement, select what niche we wanted for our business and how to interview possible clients during our niche selection.  During this process we were able reach out to Sam for help and advice in between our meet up nights.  Her passion for helping others succeed and patience is genuine and was greatly appreciated during this course.  Thank you Sam!

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